Best Hair Weave To Buy To Get Quality Annnd... Get Your "Sexy On"!

You want to know what's the the best hair weave to buy right now? You want to look like stunningly beautiful? Like you are fresh off the runway?


Well you'll be happy glamour girl, because I have consulted with the hair experts and gathered all the answers for you right here.

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It's good that you are researching before you buy, because not all weaves are created equal.

You don't want it to only look good in the bag and then look a hot mess on your head. Nobody wants that mess in their life.

Remy Hair Is Best

Anytime we start talking about the best and finest of weaves, we'll be talking Remy.

100% Indian Remy hair is considered the best because...

  • It's human hair, not synthetic.
  • The hair cuticles are kept intact.
  • The hair is aligned in the same direction from cuticle to root, that's why it's the most natural looking hair.
  •  It's tangle-free hair that doesn't matte up quickly.
  •  Can easily last more than 6 months with regular maintenance.

In our list below we will be talking a lot about Virgin Remy hair, which is different from plain Remy. Virgin hair has never been colored, permed or touched by any chemical treatments. That's one of the reasons they are rated so highly by women who have bought it before.

Top 4 Best Hair Extensions To Buy

 1. Indique Hair

Indique Hair weave

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Indique Virgin Indian Hair extensions and hair weaves are super-popular with many of Hollywood's famous starlets. It looks extremely natural and lush. You can blow dry it, wash it, perm it, curl it, color it and flat iron it and it will stay looking gorgeous. Find other features of Indique below...

  • It has been groomed in herbal oils that enhances its naturally silky movement and flow.
  • Has never been chemically treated.
  • Keeps its appeal and beauty through whatever hair treatments you give it.
  • In the price range of $140-$270

2. Cuticle Remy XQ

The Cuticle Remy XQ brand is obsessed with producing hair perfect cuticles and it shows! They go the extra TWO steps, they use advanced technology and patented techniques that focus on preserving and fortifying the hair cuticles extremely strong and healthy. The only downfall is that this brand is available only in Yaki Human Hair, unlike most other brands. Find other features of Cuticle Remy XQ below...Cuticle Remy XQ beautiful hair

  • Amazingly strong cuticle strength.
  • Visibly luxurious, healthy and shiny.
  • Innovative shed-free weft design.
  • Reusable wash after wash.
  • Super long-lasting.
  • Ageless & Reusable Wash after wash.

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 3. True Indian Hair

This one is a favorite of Meagan Good, Kelly Rowland and Angela Simmons. True Indian Hair is luxurious unprocessed 100% virgin cuticle hair that is great for a flat-ironed silk press, meaning that it has never had any kind of chemical treatmentFind other features of True Indian Hair below...

true indian hair

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  • With good care it will easily last you 6 months to a year.
  • Great hair for coloring, whether cellophane, semi-permanent or permanent coloring.
  • It's feels light, comfortable and almost cool to the touch.
  • True machine weft hair.
  • In the price range of $120 - $300

 4. Goddess Remy Human Hair

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I realize that not everyone can afford to spend money on the most expensive hair weaves like the celebrities do. That's why I added Goddess virgin 100% human hair  to the list at number four. This brand of extensions is very well known and truly versatile. It is long-lasting for the lower price and it comes in every texture, color and length you will ever need. Find other features of Goddess Remy virgin hair below...

  •  It's a very economical choice compared to the others.
  • It has a natural luster and bounce.
  • It's awesome for hair-coloring
  • It has mono-directional cuticles
  • It's in the price range of $40-$160

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Where To Buy Remy Hair Online

There are many reputable online hair weave stores, but there are many total ripoffs too (yeah I'm looking at you). Look, don't burn your money on some fake, cheap, ready-to-matte-up-in-two-weeks mess sent from China . Nobody has time for that foolishness...

The smart thing to do is go with someone whose respected, been around a long time and has tons of great reviews from REAL customers (search their name on Youtube, hint, hint.)

That's why I recommend that you buy from Amazon, you can trust them.