This Is The Best Texturizer For Coarse Hair... Period.

So you're a naturalista looking for "the best texturizer for coarse hair", huh? Or maybe an aspiring naturalista.... OK, you're in the right place, so check it out...

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I have searched high and low, read a thousand reviews, the pros and cons, just to find you the best texturizer for natural hair.

You may already know, BlackHairOMG is a HUGE supporter of the natural hair movement and everybody knows how harmful traditional relaxers are to your beautiful black hair. (Or anyone's hair for that matter...)

Harsh chemicals will DESTROY your natural hair growth progress.

Imma help you avoid that trap.

So I will give you the truly natural, non-chemically altering texturizer. So you can texturize your hair. And still stay natural with the best natural hair products.

And sis....

...believe me I know from experience that perming can be tempting, ha!

Even I've sat up in the bathroom waiting to rinse that "creamy crack" out of my hair too. Hey, don't you judge me, the natural hair movement wasn't poppin' back then.

I didn't know no betta, LOL...

So AN-Y-WAAAAAYS, I found a couple truly CHEMICAL-FREE tex-lax options for you that have been getting alot of great reviews online.

#1 Best Texturizer for Coarse Natural Hair (Surprise!)

The #1 best texturizer for coarse natural hair may surprise you though... And it is truly is a natural relaxer. You've probably heard of it before.

And I'm talking about Henna, I'll give you all the details right now...

And if you're wondering, the answer is...


It's the same henna that some use as a natural hair dye, also has kink-loosening, relaxant properties.

So look:

For the best results, you have to buy the powder, (the real herb not the synthesized stuff), you need to activate the powder with lemon juice or olive oil.

After it sits and begins to set after about 8 hours, mix in a bit more lemon juice until it forms a paste-like consistency.

Then you can apply it to your natural hair, the same way you would if you were applying color or relaxer. Now look...

Your hair should be in it's natural state when doing this, not recently chemically treated, relaxed or colored.

Put on a heat cap after applying the paste and let it set for 2-4 hours. It will dry to your scalp like mud.

Then rinse it out of your hair, don't be surprised by the red dye going down the drain, that's the natural color of the henna. Depending on the color of your hair, you will likely see a highlight-like reddish tint to your hair, nothing major.

So keep that in mind in case you don't want any change whatsoever on your hair. If so, henna might not be the best texturizer for black hair in YOUR particular situation.

So let's go to the #2 best texturizer for coarse hair... ( check out this article about black hair growth pills THAT WORK!)

#2 Natural Laxer Mix - TRUE Natural Hair Relaxer

Natural hair relaxer perm - best texturizer for coarse hair - best hair texturizer for black hair

Only The Best Texturizer for Coarse Hair Will Do... Stay Gorgeous!

Natural-Laxer Mix is an honest-to-goodness 100% chemical-free, organic and natural hair relaxer. Not straightener, but relaxer.

It is very gentle on your luscious locks and doesn't permanently change the structure of your hair like other "natural" Black hair texturizers that are laced with chemicals. ( Many don't realize that typical texturizers are much like regular perm relaxers...)

Natural-Laxer Mix gently opens up your natural curl/wave pattern in order to help make your hair easier to manage, making it the best hair texturizer for black hair for those who want a gentler hair product.

It defines your natural curl and wave pattern. It does not straighten and break down your hair, but instead strengthens and beautifies it.

Women are going CRAZY over this stuff, and many consider it the best texturizer for coarse hair!

Natural-Laxer Mix is a blend of finely-ground, exotic sun-dried herbs mixed with pure unadulterated clay from the Sahara Desert. This stuff even works wonders on your skin if you mix it with their Natural-Laxer Rose Water & Natural-Laxer Hair Oil.

Because it is 100% NATURAL, non-caustic, and mild, it is safe to put in at home and is a great alternative to perms or relaxers for young black, ethnic, or bi-racial girls. (If you even think about perming them little girls, me and you gon' fight. LOL!)

I'm just serious...

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It is great for all hair types and for facials too.

Women who've used it say that it gives a velvety finish and eliminates dryness.

INGREDIENTS: Sahara Clay, rose petals, fenugreek, myrtle, sage and nettle.

Cons: Not many, but a few women were expecting more straightening to happen and were disappointed by that. This product isn't made and marketed as a straightener. It does what it says it does.

You want to read some more reviews? Smart move, check out the amazon review section for one of the best texturizers for coarse hair. It's at the bottom of this page.

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If You Don't Mind "Natural Texturizers" WITH Chemicals....

Many "natural" texturizers, claim to be the best texturizer for coarse hair because they don't use Lye to relax your kinks and curls, they aren't as pure as henna though.

These no-Lye relaxers are less damaging than normal texturizers, true.

Yet, they still cause damage. Regardless, I know you may be looking for something to tex-lax your hair with a little more OOMPH than truly natural products.

Two of the more popular and best texturizers for coarse hair are Silk Elements No-Lye No-Mix Texturizer and Soft and Beautiful Botanicals Texturizer.

Here's a review to teach you why Silk elements is one of the choices for the best texturizer for coarse hair.

Silk Elements Best Texturizer for Coarse Hair Review By The Beautiful Kassandra

Here's a few video highlights, Kassandra says...

  • She was very happy with it and says it gave her the hair she always wanted.
  • She had really coarse hair and tight ringlets and said it worked great.
  • She realizes it is breaking down the hair but it's mild.
  • It was a great texturizer for Black hair because her hair didn't tangle as much after application.
  • She takes care of her hair as natural hair that's easier to manage.
  • She shows every hair product she used to achieve her sexy look in 45 minutes.

Best Hair Texturizer for Black Hair Video [Silk Elements Review]

The Soft and Beautiful Botanicals Texturizer Review By The Amazing Ria

Here are a few pros & cons about the best texturizer for coarse hair according to Ria...

  • She had cut off quite a bit of hair and decided to apply a Botanicals texturizer.
  • She was originally happy with it while it was still wet.
  • She was a bit disappointed that neither gloves or a wooden spatula came with the packaging.
  • She updated the vid to say that she won't be using this texturizer again as it did dry out my hair.
  • That Botanicals didn't give her the curl definition/elongation she was looking for when her hair wasn't wet.

So the choice is yours, whether you want to go chemical-free or not. Although we advise that the best texturizer for coarse hair will always be a natural substance.

And as you may know, there are many choices that can be considered as the best texturizer for coarse hair. Get real customer reviews of Natural-Lax texturizer for coarse hair.

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