The Debate Over The Best Weave For Natural Hair

For many women, Wleec Beauty Virgin Curly Hair is considered to be the best weave for natural hair - hands down, but then, Pure MilkyWay Yaky gets a lot of great reviews. Everyone has their own opinions and sometimes those differences in opinion can bring on some MAJOR drama. (More on that later...)

Since one of the more talked about natural hair weaves is Classique Remy I decided to show you the good, the bad and the downright ugly...

Below are two hair reviews, one giving a glowing and positive review of this weave brand and the other giving a SUPER negative review that I found hilarious.

Classique Remy Reviews Are Mixed To Say The Least.

Classique Remy Reviews Are Mixed To Say The Least.

It led to a whole lotta drama, screenshots, deleted instagram pics, folks taking sides, folks blocking other folks, mudslinging and all other kinds of mess.

Check out both reviews and see if you are one step closer to finding a great weave for natural hair or if you've found a brand to avoid in your search.

Which Classique Weave Review Will You Believe?

Let's start with the positive Classique Remy hair review by the gorgeous Bree Bee.

Here are the pros and cons according to Bree....

Pros:  Some of the highlights of her hair review on why she thinks the Classique Remy kinky curly weave is extremely beautiful and "perfect" for natural haired women are below....

  • The curls revert to their original form after washing and conditioning, looks EXACTLY like when you first bought it.
  • Super high quality.
  • Does not shed.
  • Very little matting.

Cons: Bree did point out a few flaws even though she loves it, she said the hair...

  • Shrinks up through the months
  • Needs a lot of maintenance because it's curly and gets dry, high-maintenance hair. (shampooing, deep conditioning, etc.)

If you believe her review you can get Classique Remy Hair at their website.

But hold on and check out what the homegirl Nataki has to say, she is passionate and serious about the fact that she thinks Classique sucks and is total garbage. I found this vid pretty funny at certain point, although she wasn't laughing at all though.

Here are the pros and cons according to Nataki...

Pros: None.

  • Ummmm, nada. Lol.

Cons: She sure enough pointed out the negatives over and over. Homegirl was pisssssed off! She had me cracking up when she was going, "LOOK AT THIS, LOOK AT THIS....What am I supposed to do with this?". She says the hair...

  • Has matting issues.
  • Has major tangling.
  • Sheds excessively.
  • And from the comment section in this vid many people complain about the manner of customer service from the company.

A huge argument between Nataki and the company owner even spilled over into the blackhair media forum with screenshots of conversations, beef over deleted instagram pics, folks talking about blocking other folks, and some good ol'mudslinging.

It was a mess but truly entertaining. Good thing this aint all in-person or there would probably be some unprofessional weave DE-installs poppin off!

So after all of that, who do you think is right?

Is Classique Remy the best weave for natural hair?

I guess the jury is still out and the court case is truly entertaining, lol!

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