I Loved Her Skin & Hair, She Didn't...
(The Ex-Files)

 Ex-Files: EPISODE 1 Hey!!! I knew you couldn't resist reading about a good EX story, lol. I don't blame you.

OK, So Here's The Story Of Me, Brown Baby Doll & Her Insecurities

Well, my last article reminded me of a very special woman that came and went in my life. We'd been friends for 9 years before starting a romantic relationship. She was a deliciously dark brown chocolate girl with a great spirit, a bangin' body, a brilliant bright-white smile and she loved me to death. We loved each other to death to tell the truth.

But she was hard to understand, she couldn't see herself for what she was. I was so confused on a regular basis about this girl who I almost married. One of the things that always hurt my heart about her is how deeply insecure she was, and honestly, in many ways that lead to our peaceful breakup.

It seemed like it was impossible for her to truly believe in her beauty, she hated being dark-skinned and said it, she always wanted straight her instead of kinky her and said that too. If I dared say she was my "chocolate brown baby", she wasn't smiling, in her mind I'd just insulted her.

It was like, since she didn't value her own beauty she couldn't TRULY believe that I did.

She didn't see herself as insecure and me even saying that pissed her off, but I knew for a fact that she was. She was not only insecure but DEEPLY insecure and she felt less-than in her own skin.

Nothing I said or did could change that inner-feeling that festered in her soul and scars from those emotional wounds effected how she responded and reacted to me in ways that I didn't like.

It really pained me because she was so beautiful, so so beautiful, inside and outside. But she and I couldn't make it together, we were just too different in the end.

So anyway, if you can take anything away from this. I hope you see how important it is to truly trust in your own beauty.

If a man believes you're beautiful, let him. If not, he may not be able to enjoy your company. Do whatever it takes to become more sure of yourself and secure (not arrogant), it's one of the most attractive personality traits.