Why I Don't Hate On Black Human Hair Extensions Anymore...

Guest Post by: Edward Brown (TheGentsCorner.com)

Lot of guys start trippin' the second the topic of women wearing extensions or weaves comes up. I used to be one of them, but not anymore.

Back in the day I didn't know how hard it was for some women to grow long hair naturally or atleast grow as much as they wanted, and I just thought that women were being lazy to be honest.

I was ignorant.

It wasn't until later that I learned how hard some women have it. I also started realizing that Mr.Know-it-all had been fooled quite a few times by women with some really good weaves that I swore was real hair, lol.

Before realizing this, I'd always imagined women with extensions and weaves were obvious to spot, I pictured all those cheap, ratchet, and obviously fake weaves. To be honest, I had no idea there was any other kind, ha.

In my eyes you were either wearing your own flat-ironed silk press natural hair or I could tell you had extensions in because of the fake and ratchet look.

I later learned from a girlfriend that it was all a matter of quality.

black men hate weave

This Used To Be Me... But Now...

Quality Human Hair Extensions Look Real Because...

Well, because they're real. I had no freakin' clue that only SOME extensions were cheap and synthetic and all those other girls who had me fooled were rockin' the good stuff, the REAL black human hair extensions, it made their hair fuller and it was soft and real.

I must admit, I'm a fanatic for women with long hair and as long as it looks and feels real I aint got jack to say, it's all good with me!

black hair extensions

Looking Good... Real Good!

So ladies go on ahead on rock that long, sexy black hair like you just don't care!

Just make sure you buy high-quality black human hair extensions and have all these "weave-haters" on your jock, talkin bout "I wish more women wore their real hair like you".

Well it IS real hair and it's yours, you bought it!

Don't Buy From Shady Hair Vendors

If you are looking to buy quality hair, don't shop with unknown companies or companies with horrible reviews like hairextensionbuy.com, I'm not gonna speak bad about them myself, you can Google "hairextensionbuy reviews" and find out for yourself about the TRULY cheap clip in hair extensions or cheap human hair extensions they sell. Let's just say, it aint pretty... So be smart about it.

Instead, I suggest you go with the best of the best over at Trusted sellers.

You will find...

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Black Human Hair Extensions like these are top-notch and won't burn up when you style it using a flat iron with teeth.


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