Clip In Hair Extensions For Black Women 101

So you've been searching for clip in hair extensions for black women? Are you looking for reviews, prices and the best selection?


Because whether you want straight hair OR kinky curly extensions like the popular CurlKalon kinky type 4 hair for Black women here you'll find links to all the best brands and even some great tips on how to put them in your hair in minutes.

clip in hair extensions for Black women

You'll find THE BEST clip in hair extensions for Black women TODAY!

It ain't always easy to find hair products that cater to African-Americans. Sadly, some natural-haired women just give up and buy any old thing to slap in their heads and end up looking a hot mess.

That won't be you sis! You're gonna look AMAZING!

Clip in hair extensions for Black women are a great alternative to wearing full weave because they are less-damaging to your hair and easier to maintain, especially when you have curly hair or some new growth.

They are also so easy to install, clip-on extensions come with the little combs on the clips and you simply slide the combs into your hair.

If your roots are curly, extensions will stay in place easier. Depending on your hair type, you may need to tease your hair before putting the extensions in because they may slip off if not. It only takes about 5 minutes to put in extensions and you can brush them just like you would a weave.

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Black Women

Three of the more popular brands of clip in hair extensions for Black women that have hair to match and blend well eith kinky-curly Black hair are CurlKalon #1, Amazon is #2 because they're always supplied with great hair and you can always get buyer protection through them, so that's cool.

And the third favorite is CC Hair extensions.

clip in hair extensions for Black womens hair

Amazon is popular for high-quality clip in hair extensions for Black women...

Amazon Pros & Cons -

With so many fake companies selling garbage hair out here, it's good to know the hair stores that have been in the business for years and have a spotless reputation, and Amazon is the place to buy your clip-in extensions when you are done dealing with the ripoffs.

Whether it be synthetic hair or real human remy hair, you get exactly what you ordered and they often offer amazing discounts (Especially to blackhairOMG readers, hint, hint..)

They have a great hair texture selection for all types of hair. Straight, wavy, kinky, curl and everything in-between.

They have a wide-range of hair lengths available. You can get...

Before & After Great Clip-In Extensions For Black Women

Before & After Great Clip-In Extensions

  • 14 inch hair extensions
  • 15 inch hair extensions
  • 16 inch hair extensions
  • 18 inch hair extensions
  • 20 inch hair extensions
  • 22 inch hair extensions
  • 24 inch hair extensions

Amazon offers one the largest color selections in the game... You will find all of the following hair colors available.

  • Jet Black (#1)
  • Natural Black (#1B)
  • Dark Brown (#2)
  • Medium Brown (#4)
  • Medium Chestnut Brown (#6)
  • Light Chestnut (#8)
  • Light Golden Brown(#12)
  • Strawberry Blonde(#27)
  • Dark Auburn(#33)
  • Medium Blonde (#24)
  • Bleach White Blonde (#613)
  • Brown/Blonde (#P4/22)
  • Chestnut Brown/Blonde (#F6/613)
  • Golden Brown/Blonde (#F12/613)
  • Ash/White Blonde (#P18/613)
  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Triple Ombre

CurlKalon Clip in Hair Extensions for Black Women Review, Pros & Cons

CC Hair Extensions Pros & Con

CC Hair extension also is a trusted seller of hair and you won't worry about not getting what you expected, these two companies deliver the goods that you want.

  • Their hair has very strong clips.
  • Also has a really good texture and feel.
  • The only complaint is that the hair is thin, you may need 2 packs if you have an average to big-sized head

Tutorial - How to Put in Clip-in Extensions for Black Women

NoLyeNapturallyMe on YouTube gives a quick how-to video on putting in clip in hair extensions for Black women and preventing the clips from showing. She really breaks it down for you.

Check out the homegirl....

If you want to know more about clip in hair extensions for Black women vs weave extensions, check out this article from our friends at, they let you know the troubles and differences you can run into with weaves vs clip-extensions.

P.S. If you didn't need all of this information about clip in hair extensions for Black women and only wanted to shop... Cool. Shop for your clip-in extensions now....