11 Secrets - How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster & Longer Now! [How to Grow Black Hair]

You'll learn how to grow black hair today, so get happy sis!

OK, so as you probably know by now, it's not always easy to grow your hair long, especially if you are unknowingly damaging your hair and causing it to rebel against any efforts to grow long and beautiful.

But check this out, we are going to uncover 11 amazing keys to growing black hair longer and doing it faster than normal. We have all the tips you'll ever need to help you if you are trying to grow your luscious hair.

I have discovered 11 powerful steps for natural hair growth.

Have no doubt... You'll know how to grow black hair when you feed and nourish it the right way.

 how to grow black hair sexy long natural black hair

The More You Know, The More It Grows... How to grow black hair...

I've already shown you how to make higher quality hair growth pills at home for less money but there are so many things you can be doing right now to help your hair grow.

Women who seem to have an easier time growing their hair usually have some of the same habits. Those hair growth habits are what you're going to learn right now. Every single one.


But before I give you these 11 trusted tips on how to make your hair grow faster and longer, just know this....

ANY healthy woman no matter her race can grow longer hair with the right home remedies and know-how, so don't believe any fool that says you can't.

On average your hair grows 1/2 inch each and every month. The key is ACTUALLY KEEPING it and you have PLENTY of time,  the life span of a strand of hair is up to 7 years! And even though there are some pills and vitamins for hair growth, you really don't need them (learn why in the list below).

So let's move into the list...

How To Make Black Hair Grow Faster

1. Get Fish In Your Diet or Supplement It

Before looking for outer ways of increasing your hair length, work from the inside out. I know first-hand the amazing changes your body makes from a good diet because of my weightlifting and fitness lifestyle.

From your skin to your hair, you will find amazing beauty benefits from getting enough Omega 3 fish oil, either through eating enough of the right kinds of fish or taking flavorless fish oil pills each day.

I've taken fish oil pills for years because it helped me heal up faster from lifting weights, much later I found out how amazingly it helped my skin and hair. It's magic!

It's scientific fact that being low on omega-3 fatty acids in your body SLOWS THE GROWTH OF YOUR HAIR and it's a big reason why your hair becomes brittle, dull and lifeless.

For you to have longer, healthier and faster growing hair, you absolutely need to take in enough omega-3 fatty acids daily, it's crucial in knowing
how to grow black hair and its a fact that most Americans don't get enough in their diet.

When you start eating the right types of fish or taking Omega-3 fish oil supplements, you might not notice a big difference for a few weeks. But towards the end of that month you will notice that your hair is easier to manage and healthier. You might even see some extra growth.

 Here's a list of fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids:

  • Albacore tuna
  • Salmon
  • Clams
  • Sardines
  • Halibut
  • Herring
  • Trout
  • Shrimp
  • black cod
  • anchovies.
  • You can also get lower levels of Omega-3 oils from ground flaxseeds and nuts, especially walnuts.

2. Drink Your Hair Moisturizer -
How to Grow Black Hair

I'm not crazy, I'm talking about drinking water, not that moisturizing shampoo you love.

Most of us don't drink enough water and that sucks because el auga is the NUMBER 1 hair moisturizer you'll find and even the best moisturizer for dry skin. Hands down! This natural moisturizer is far better than even the best shampoo for dry hair or shea moisture hair products.

Day to day, on average, people drink about 5 to 6 glasses of liquids (water, tea, coffee, etc.). But we rarely ever make it to 8 glasses, especially of pure water. Well, since drinking enough water supports your hair growth and hydrates your hair and skin it'd be a good idea to get that water bottled filled up each morning missy!

 3. Moisturize Like a Maniac

Now let's talk about how to moisturize hair from the outside and exactly what you need to do.

You need to be consistent with moisturizing your hair, everyday if possible.

Sometimes she did it quickly, sometimes she took foreeeeeeeever!

Knowing how to moisturize hair is KEY in growing some beautiful, long, natural hair.

So be sure to...

Moisturize as often as possible, saturate it and try to do it everyday or at least every other day.

Some of the most natural hair moisturizers for black hairstyles are grape seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil and of course the the purest shea butters are always a best seller for good reason. Get some and get to moisturin'!

4. Know How To Deep Condition Hair Properly to Grow Black Type 4C Tresses

A good deep conditioning treatment replenishes your hair and restores moisture balance. Deep condition your natural hair at least once every 2 weeks or so, no longer than every 3 weeks.

You can do it with a dryer in about 30-40 minutes or if you don't have a dryer just leave it in your hair longer and let your body heat work on it.

One girl I knew used to use this time to walk on the treadmill for an hour, I thought that was some BRILLIANT multitasking. She was getting her "sexy on" all at once!

It's impossible for me to tell you what the best deep conditioner to use is because of the different hair type you have from others. Some ladies I've known swore on coconut oil for hair and others had different favorites.

Just try what others are using until you find the perfect conditioner for your type of hair.

For example in the video below natural hair Youtube star "Crystal Michelle" reviewed EDEN BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi deep conditioner, this natural hair conditioner is her absolute favorite of all products and she says it's the best deep conditioner product she used. Check it out, great how to grow Black hair information!

5. Treats Your Ends Like The End-All Be-All!

You absolutely must trim and/or dust your ends regularly to grow Black hair! This is unbelievably important, you can't be afraid trim those ends, your hair will grow back. In fact, science shows that this is an important way to actually get MORE length in the long run!

Trimming and dusting is one of the most misunderstood tips of how to grow black hairstyles.


OK, so you don't believe me or science? Dang, that's messed up.... Alright hardhead, well check out this beautiful brown-skinned sista who normally trims her hair every month and tell me it doesn't work. You gon' learn today!

6. Detangle Your Hair In The Shower

Don't use a normal comb, use a wide-tooth comb or detangler brush up under that warm flowing water and work the kinks out. You'll notice...

  • Your hair will be easier to comb through.
  • You will have less hair breakage
  • Your hair will be easier to manage
  • Your husband more interested in how to detangle hair with you, lol.

7. Wear Protective Hair Styles

You probably already know about the many black hairstyles that are considered protective hairstyles, such as African hair braiding styles, human hair weaves, buns, twists and various wigs for black women.

So I love the braids, and wigs and weaves are often used while growing your hair out. These protective styles for natural hair and relaxed hair are time-saving, low-maintenance, they help you retain hair length and moisturize. If you're looking for protective hair, Abhair is doing free shipping right now and their quality hair is unquestioned.

8. Avoid Blow Drying Your Hair Like The Plague!

Not only is blow drying hair bad for your hair and scalp because of the extreme heat, but also all of the yanking, pulling and tugging that usually comes along with it make it one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair.

Even though air drying your hair takes more time, it's waaaaaay healthier for your hair than blow drying.

The disadvantages of blow drying hair are too many while the few advantages of blow drying hair aren't worth the extreme damage it does. Air dry your hair, it's a lot less stress on your luscious locks.

9. Run Away From Highly-Chemical Hair Products

If you put too many harsh chemicals in your hair while trying to "get your beautiful on", you're actually working against your hair and your beauty goals.

A major secret in how to make your hair grow longer is staying as simple and natural as possible. There are so many damaging hair chemicals in the stores now that many women forget that natural hair products even exist!

The funny thing is that many natural hair growth products are in the same stores, for example olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil and more. They are usually just a couple shopping aisles away, it's just that they are not advertised as "natural hair growth products".

Use Premium Products: How to Grow Black Hair

    One thing that helps you know how to grow Black hair is to find Black hair growth ALL natural products that may not be in your everyday stores, you can find 100's of natural hairstyles products at...
  • Janecartersolution.com Jane Carter has some of the best curly hair products made from the finest natural ingredients, including pure organic essential oils, plant extracts, natural butters, and hair growth vitamins that are specifically made to repair and hydrate damaged and dry hair.
  • Agbangakarite.com Agbangakarite is an African company that I have bought TONS of raw shea butter from for over 10 years now, mostly for my skin and keeping the ash away during cold Detroit winters. Although they aren't focused on hair care products specifically, they do have plenty of great products you can use for your hair. They sell red palm oil, African black soap, virgin palm kernel oil, virgin coconut oil and more. I always feel good buying from them because they are a certified fair trade company, that means they aren't getting pimped for product while the money goes to someone else. Most shea butter in the U.S. and Europe is unfairly traded and they pay pennies to these very HARDWORKING African women who gather shea nuts and hand-make these incredible products. Not with Agbangakarite though, because of that and their high-quality product, I always buy my Shea butter from them.
  • Carolsdaughter.com Carols Daughter is well-known for some of the best natural hair products for African Americans, great olive oil hair products, hair milk, natural hair conditioner, natural hair moisturizer and tons of other black hair products.It's really easy to find great hair products for curly hair on their website.
  • Kinky-curly.com This site is ALL about natural black hair and natural hair styles, they are committed to developing hair products that not only deliver results but also nourish your hair with natural ingredients.Their awesome how to grow Black hair products for natural hair have no petroleum, no silicone, no plastics, no mineral oil, no carbomer and no acrylics. These natural hair products for black hair are also alcohol free, wax free and paraben free.
  • Amazon.com Don’t sleep on Amazon! Some of the best products for natural hair are waiting for you on the big A and many times with free shipping on orders over $25, there are often discounts too. You can also get oils, herbs, vitamins, and raw butters from the site. Basically any hair products for natural hair you need and book on how to grow Black hair.

10. Avoid Heat Styling Your Hair

Heat is an enemy to your hair, in fact I've placed this on my list of 13 biggest hair killers. You need to avoid applying extreme heat to your hair as much as possible. Focus on hairstyles that don't require heat like twist outs, braid outs, roller sets, buns, wash-n-go hairstyles, etc.

11. Be Patient! How to Grow Black Hair

One of the strongest personality traits of women who know how to grow longer hair is patience. Follow these rules...

  • Have patience.
  • Be consistent.
  • Give it time.

Do these things along with following the other tips and you now know how to grow long hair! And send me some pics for our picture gallery!

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