If Your Man Is Balding He Can Get a Weave (It Looks REAL)!!!

Well, if your boo is rocking the George Jefferson bald spot, he can does something about it now!

I can't lie, I'm blown away by this. When I first heard of hair weaves for guys, I thought it was ridiculous. I'm thinking, OK so now my man is gonna be comparing unprocessed Brazilian Remy and human hair Yaki weave when he goes to the beauty supply with me? Hecky NAW!

But I stand corrected, it's nothing like that and it looks amazing!

Well, in my opinion atleast. Some people are not feelin' it, but I don't know why,  it's really no different from a woman wearing a weave, whether it be for a protective style or to cover up bald spots.

On Instagram, we have seen quite a few guys rocking man weaves these days which has been a blessing for any man who is suffering from hair loss and wants a full head of hair again and a nice fade cut. Check the gallery out below that features work done by Cimajestudio in Atlanta!

So OMGers, let me know. If your man was bald or balding, how would you feel if he came to you and told you he was thinking about going to have some hair put in? Would you support the idea? Would you laugh? Let us know!