Thank you for your inquiry.
Before possibly advertising with us you should know what type of audience we have in order to evaluate if spending your hard-earned advertising bucks with us makes sense. Unfortunately, WE DO REJECT businesses that don't match our audience's desires in order to save you money and save us complaints from thousands of our fans.
Please understand that any rejection we make of accepting a company for advertising in front of our large audience is not personal, but a business decision. So let's get you familiar with our audience as real people...
Here's our audience demographic:
  • African-American women
  • Ages 20 - 54
  • Personality traits: Highly motivated to buy beauty products, specifically hair products, high-fashion clothing & skin care products. Very proud of their beauty, skin & heritage. (negative ads towards black women will be auto-rejected)
If your product matches this market please proceed to our sales-booster packages below...
Here's what we have available at the time.
#1 - InstaGrande Sales Package:
The InstaGrande Sales Package consists of 1 Instagram Post posted to BlackHairOMG's 60,000+ followers account
Benefits: Puts your brand/product in front of the eyes of a very engaged Instagram audience, you choose what the description should be and if you "@" your own account, you'll surely get some extra followers that will continue to follow your brand too!
  • Promotion charge: $15 per post 
Bulk order rates available? YES, we offer a 3 for $35 bulk order rate.
*Prices will rise when our follower count reaches 70,000 followers.
#2 - Pinterest Power Post: (It doesn't matter if you are on Pinterest or not)
The Pinterest Power Post puts 1 Pinterest Post/Pin of your product in front of 160,000 VERY ACTIVE BlackHairOMG Pinterest followers!
Benefits: The main benefit of our Pinterest posts/pins are that our followers will click directly on your link from your post. Unlike Instagram, on Pinterest the ladies will be able to click on your product image/photo and go directly to your destination of choice. Excellent choice for business with actual sales pages you want people to see. You DO NOT NEED a Pinterest account or to be active on Pinterest to receive visitor traffic from the Pinterest platform directly to your website or product pages.
If BlackHairOMG could only save ONE of our social sites, it would be Pinterest. They bring us the most sales BY FAR.
If all our social sites were standing on the edge of a balcony and only 1 would survive, we'd kick Twitter and Facebook in the butt 1st, we'd shed a tear a push Instagram in the back and pull Pinterest to safety. That's how much she means to us!
Not only are the direct links on your product a MAJOR way to boost sales, but Pinterest is a Search Engine like Google (if not better!), so that means weeks and months after we make your Power Package Pin in front of our 150K+ followers, people will still be finding and clicking on your pin and landing directly on your destination page to buy, just from searching keywords in Pinterest the same way they search products and services on Google.
You can send those people anywhere, to your product checkout page, your appointment page, your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, wherever!
  • Promotion charge: $17.50 per Power Pin 
Bulk order rates available? YES, we offer a 3 for $35 bulk order rate.
*Prices will rise when our follower count reaches 175,000.
#3 - Inner Circle Email List Blast (PRIVATE DISCUSSION OFFER)
The Inner Circle Email List Blast is sacred territory...
After we evaluate your ads and product we will decide if we offer this option to you or not.
Simply put, our email list is the Holy Grail, our Sacred Cow, our cash machine. If you don't understand the value of having a mailing list, not only are we gonna offer the use of it to a select few businesses, but we're going to help educate you as well.
You don't know this yet, but your success is important to us. That's why we want to educate you while providing our services.
And the good thing is I can do that because I know where you are lacking in your marketing game. And the #1 problem you have is... YOU DON'T HAVE A HUGE EMAIL LIST TO MARKET TO AT WILL.
But don't worry, if your product fits our audience, we will take care of you.
The simple fact that you are still reading this email shows us that you are smart, very smart. This email weeds out people who aren't serious about being successful, who are allergic to learning from people that have done what they want to do.
You're a lot like us at BlackHairOMG.
Just like us, years before we slowly built our email list, we were willing to put our money up & buy ads to get in front of our target audience BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. AND IT WORKED!
The large social media following we've built up ended up increasing every good metric, our visitors, sales, cash flow, advertising budget and our EMAIL SUBSCRIBER numbers.
Social media marketing may not be as effective as email marketing, but it can get you to where you want to go.
NOW, we have over 18,000 highly-protected and beloved email addresses from our (and maybe your) IDEAL CUSTOMERS, we email them almost everyday, helping solve their problems, loving on them AAAAND selling to them. ALMOST EVERYDAY!
We will make more than 16,000 of our 18,000 email list subscribers available to you if you qualify to advertise with us.
Benefits: It goes without saying if you know anything about email marketing OR read that Forbes article I linked to earlier. Email marketing is KING, the best ROI (return on investment) that exists in promoting products/brands.
If you are one of our subscribers already (and you should be), you already know the level of quality we send almost everyday.
BONUS: We offer to write your email ad copy/message for free! This is something people make a full-time living off of, copy writing. We are great at it and after you give us information about your product we will write something to entice people to click through to your products in our Email Blast.
  • Promotion charge: 
    $75 per Email Blast to 16,000+ subscribers (and IDEAL customer prospects)!


Bulk order rates available? NO.
*We don't promote this offer in public because we may pull it off the table at any time.
Below I'll give you a screenshot of an advertisement/marketing message we sent to a huge chunk of our list. With a few notes so that you understand the power of email marketing to a captive audience.
We made 6 sales the day we sent this marketing message and 3 sales the next day from the people who check their mail late.
LOOK: We don't make any promises that you will make sales, some products suck, some sales pages aren't convincing, there are too many variables that are out of our control to promise sales. What we can promise is that we will put MORE POTENTIAL BUYERS DIRECTLY ON YOUR SALES PAGE for $75 than anyone else is willing to do.
We will also send you screenshots of how many people we sent your marketing message to, how many people opened the mail and how many clicks/visitors you got to your sales page. It's the Ultimate marketing tool.
So if you think you have a good product or people will follow you when they know you exist, try us out.
We know this is a TON OF INFORMATION, but we also want our customers to be educated business people, ready to make smart business decisions and A LOT OF MONEY. We don't like working with dumb people, aint nobody got time for that.
We may also offer marketing consultant one-on-one Skype training session in the future with the creator of BlackHairOMG, if this interests you let us know.
Here is what our promotion customers have to say...
"I have seen a big change in the volume of traffic on my Pinterest and website. Look forward to doing more business with you in the up and coming weeks. Thank you so much. "
- Tasha Garcia, CEO of Pistachio Hair Wonders


Hi Melissa,  

Thank you so much! Black Hair OMG's services has really helped CliShea out as well. 

I will definitely be using more of your services soon. I am currently working on a couple of DIY books hair and home to promote them upon completed.  I'll send over an email when ready. 🙂  I'll keep you posted.

- Shavon from Clishea.co Hair Kits


Hi Melissa,
Thanks so much for your help I do appreciate it. I will definitely purchase your service again soon. I'm starting a campaign to move my Twist Frosting with Biotin and Seriously Natural is on board to help. I'll definitely need Black Hair OMG in a few weeks.
Thanks Melissa! - Alyssa, Owner of MyFluffyPuffs.com

If it's OBVIOUS to you from the social media following we've built and the in-depth information we've given you for FREE, that we know what the heck we're doing.....
Here's what you should do next:
Reply to this email with the URL link to the product/brand or social profile you want to promote to our audience.  And feel free to ask any questions you may have.
We will quickly email you back to let you know if you're a good fit and eligible to advertise with us & we'll get started with processing your advertising order.
Warm Regards,
- Melissa Lee
Assistant Advertising & Promotions Manager
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