Unbiased Professional Hair Dryer Reviews - Part 1

If you know anything about professional blow dryers you probably already know that we're going to be discussing the darling of top-tier Hollywood stylist Estee Stanley (hair stylist to Jessica Biel and other stars...), the Solano Supersolano professional hair dryer.

With the Solano Supersolano Professional ceramic heater you will have an amazingly quick dry time with a strong and very even distribution of heat. The state-of-the-art ionic generator will improve inner-moisture of the hair and minimize static electricity. The tourmaline will add shine, smooth hair, and reduce fly away stray hairs. Super solano hair dryer reviews are always loaded with benefits, so let's talk about what you get from these amazing pro hair dryers.professional hair dryer review w2In this special edition of professional hair dryer reviews we will focus on one of the stars among high-end stylists and beauticians.

Super Solano Hair Dryer Highlights

  • Variable Temperature control from 170 to 450 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Lightweight for comfort during styling.
  • Heats up in 60 seconds with instant heat recovery time.
  • Ceramic for even heat distribution.
  • Silver nanotechnology inhibits bacterial growth.
  • Ionic to improve moisture in hair and remove static electricity.
  • Tourmaline adds shine, smooths hair and reduces fly always.
  • Balanced motor at 3 points for longer life and more durability.
  • 2 Year Warranty.

Super Solano Hair Dryer Review Video

Stylists really love this hair dryer and most say it's the best they've owned. It's very lightweight. Has a professional cord so you don't have to worry about overheating at the wall socket. The dryer leaves hair very shiny and smooth. It doesn't get quite as some other blow dryers. Of course you often need heat for straightening hair, but no worries about frying your hair with this professional dryer, this dryer DOES cost a little more than lesser versions, but It seems to be worth the financial investment for most and lasts for a long time.

The Supersolano Professional hair dryer dries super fast in comparison to lesser dryers. It does everything the company claims it does. It's light weight, dries fast, has a lot of airflow behind it. It's a very strong blow dryer. The nozzle is wonderful, it blows a lot of air out. It has good airflow. If you've been looking for a powerful hair dryer to cut drying time in half this is the one. This is it. You won't be disappointed. Only one complaint is common among buyer, many wish they had more colors made. As of the time of this super solano hair dryer review the only colors available are black and white. BORING!!! But regardless, buyers are happy with the results when using the Super Solano dryer.

professional hair dryer reviews

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Professional Hair Dryer Reviews For Super Solano On Amazon

My husband bought this as a Christmas gift for me (ok..so I may have emailed him the exact link but that's besides the point) and I am very, very pleased with how it performs. I always looked at drying my hair as a tedious chore but now I almost look forward to that part of my day, given the fact that my hair ends up looking so nice by the time I am through wielding this little baby. Read more super solano hair dryer reviews here...


This sucker gets hot! It has multiple temperature settings but I usually leave it on the hottest setting. The fact that it can get so hot helps cut down the drying time significantly and it adds a nice shine to your hair (just be careful not to hold it in one spot for too long...ouch!). There is also a cold-air button that instantly blows out cold air (admittedly, a feature that most dryers have..but this is an instant temperature change and the air is COLD).

This dyer is extremely powerful..noticeably more so than any dryer I've ever owned. I couldn't believe how quickly it dried my hair the first time I tried it out.

One thing I noticed right away is how quiet the dryer is. In fact, I didn't think I had it on the highest setting because I was so used to my last dyer being a roaring machine. Turned out, it really is that quiet!

Both attachments are really nice..particularly the gold nozzle attachment. It concentrates the air stream and really helps to smooth any frizzies you may have. Note..this attachment gets extremely hot so do NOT touch it with your bare hands right after use. The other attachment is a similar concentrator nozzle but it's black plastic and does not get quite as hot.


This dryer is decidedly pricey..although I think if you search around, you can find it for less than $75 and I think it's worth it. Read more super solano hair dryer reviews here...

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5 Star Super Solano Hair Dryer Reviews By TBURD

I've had the dryer for about two weeks. So far, I love it. A little bit about my hair (incase you would like to compare): I have semi-treated (the ends) long (mid-back) hair. Sometimes its straight, sometimes its got a little wave. It isn't super thick/isn't super thin. I basically have combination skin...but in hair form. I searched a zillion reviews on different hair dryers, went to Ulta to try a few out, read about *dryer technology*. Honestly, picking a new hair dryer could consume your life if you let it. I eventually chose the Super Solano because I was tired of comparing, and after the countless great reviews (proof is in the pudding), I settled on it. I am extremely glad that I did. This hair dryer is perfect for me. It doesn't get TOO hot. Aka, I don't feel like Im singing my hairs off when I dry my hair. It puts out a nice stream of air that doesn't make you feel like you're in a wind tunnel, but doesn't leave you feeling like its taking forever. It takes 6.5 minutes for my hair to be completely dry. Pretty freking awesome due to the fact that I have long hair! If you use the attachment, you will obviously get a lot more concentrated heat, but be forewarned, when taking it off, the attachment IS hot! Overall my hair looks healthy and shiny when Im finished drying. A+ in my book.

The downside? This sucker is heavy and the cord is a little long for my liking...but who the heck cares. Everyone likes a nice set of arms, and a great hair dryer can be worth the hassle of a long cord I guess. 🙂 Read more professional hair dryer reviews here...

professional hair dryer reviews
Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, I have always spent money on great hair products and tools-like curling irons & flat irons. Hair dryers was always where I went budget and never spent more than 20 bucks on. My mentality was always to not bother with a good dryer because all I was going to do was flat iron or curl my hair anyway. The last dryer I had was by Conair, bought at Target, and was horrible. When I did blow my hair, it was frizzy and a hot mess. About 2 weeks ago I got my hair cut and the stylist gave me a mini lesson on how to properly blow out my hair using a round brush. Since my Conair was about to bite the dust,I decided to buy this dryer. I've been reading about the Super Solano for quite a while, and its consistently always gotten amazing reviews not only from customers, but from professionals as well. Long story short, tonight I gave myself a blow out for the 1st time-and what a difference!! Never in my life have I been able to do my hair without a flat iron or curling iron....This blowdryer is absolutely AMAZING! Worth every penny (and it's not even that expensive compared to others). Highly recommend. Read more professional hair dryer reviews here...
professional hair dryer review

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