How to Avoid Single Strand Knots - Mistakes You Should Not Make on 4C Natural Hair

Avoid single strand knots on natural 4c hair, stop breakage and learn to avoid this MAJOR mistake for natural hair women... COME LEARN TO SAVE YOUR HAIR NOW...
Avoid Single Strand Knots on Natural 4C Hair, NOW!

Hey sis! You and I both know, single strand knots and breakage on 4C natural hair are no joke, they're one of the biggest "natural hair problems" that we face...

So look:

You're about to learn about the common mistakes you should NEVER make on your lusciousness, with these coily type 4C natural hair tips.

These natural hair care errors that "NappyFu" made can easily cause nasty single strand knots & cause length-stopping breakage.

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It happens to the best of us....

Do you know the feeling of JACKING UP your natural hair because of a bad mistake or even MULTIPLE mistakes that you should know better not to do to your type 4C natural hair, but do it anyway?

We all do, good news is:

This dope video from NappyFu shows you some BAD natural hair mistakes that cause natural hair breakage problems.  You can learn from her mistakes all while enjoying her amazing sense of humor. I so love her and all her #BlackGirlMagic style (see our BlackHairOMG Melanin Tees)!

These are smart natural hair care tips for maintaining your length, and avoiding mistakes that we all should know better not to make if hair health is important and we aint tryin' to walk around with a head full of unintentional knots.

Take a look and then read my thoughts on her advice below...

Avoid This MAJOR Single Strand Knots Making MISTAKE [VIDEO]

Surpirisingly, some new naturals ask the question: Are single strand knots SO bad?

And the answer is, ABSOLUTELY YES! They can kill your hair growth progress.

When left unchecked, individual hair strands can twist up in such a way that they tie themselves into damaging knots. This is bad for your natural haircare, and can cause major damage to your type 4 hair.

Coarse hair with unattended single strand knots can easily catch on to each other, resulting in even more tangles, breakage and poor hair health.

If you ignore these smart natural hair tips, your length, growth and overall hair health will suffer for it.

Think about it.

NappyFu is one of the 4C naturals who really knows her stuff, and she is warning us not to make the same mistake. We should listen.

You will see what happened to her natural 4C hair when she turned into a "lazy natural" for just ONE DAY!

By the time she reached wash day NappyFu had some dangerous dryness, tough tangles, sinister single strand knots, and some nasty 4C hair breakage.

It's important to remember that 4C hair is easier to care for when we stay consistent with our healthy natural hair care habits.

She was honest and showed how she slacked off on her natural hair care regimen and ran into an emergency situation that could've been avoided.

Just like we should all be, she was quickly reminded to get her 4C hair regimen back on track!

She showed that you atleast need to twist the ends before going to bed, it doesn't have to be anything intricate and that takes too long. Make you some big, fluffy twists if you have too, that's soooo much better than leaving your 4C hair unattended before bed.

Keeping your 4C hair stretched out is critically important to your hair health too. [RELATED ARTICLE: Learn 7 natural hair stretching techniques here.]

What she ended up doing is putting coconut oil in her hair and twisted it real quick before wash day.

And being SURE , absoluuuutely sure, NOT TO DETANGLE ON DRY HAIR. 

Please don't ever do that, detangling dry hair is a type 4 natural hair care sin.

She Made It To Wash Day Because Of Twisting Her Natural 4C

So, this is an important lessen, sis was able to save her coily hair from MAJOR damage from single strand knots by twisting it until she made it to her next wash day.

Here's her 6-step process for the best, successful wash day procedure for 4C hair...

6-STEP 4C Hair Wash Day Regimen To Recover From Knot Damage

P.S. I 100% AGREE with NappyFu when she advises you that the less you allow your hair to get tangled in single strand knots like she did, the more successful your 4C natural hair journey will be.