Synthetic Hair Weave - Just Say NO!

If you are looking to get synthetic hair weave, we're gonna give you some information about why you should not. Ever.

We will give you facts on why it's inferior and cheap.

Why We Think Know Synthetic Weave Hair Sucks

First of all, it doesn't look real, it's stiff to the touch and it starts to smell bad rather quick after a little sweating or whatever. It's the fakest of the fake, sorry.

I'm not saying this to be mean, believe me.

We just want you to know that this stuff is noticed Big-Time. We want you to look your best, smell your best, and I know you want the same. Right?

how does Synthetic weave look

Laaawd Forgive This Weave, For It Has Sinned...

A woman's hair is a MAJOR part of her attraction, at Black Hair OMG we understand the weave thing, it serves a purpose and good weave looks good.

So, please. For the love of all that is sexy, if you gonna rock a weave, spend the extra money and get the good stuff.

The synthetic stuff is not quality hair, period. It moves quite differently than your real hair, it has a different shine, feel, look, everything. Everyone can tell the difference. (We don't believe you, ya need more people.)

Why Buying Synthetic Hair Weave
Doesn't Make Sense For You...

If you can afford synthetic weave hair, ain't no reason you can’t get real human hair. Quality human hair weave only costs a few extra bucks in the long run and with proper care can last over a year. You can wear it again, and again, and again. On top of that, it  it won’t tangle or shed all crazy like synthetic hair, it can be colored and washed without looking worn down and wore out.

With synthetic weave, don't even think about putting heat to that head like you can on Remy hair.  Heated styling tools will burn the cheap stuff up. Flat ironing, curling irons, heated hooded hair dryers, blow drying with heat, and hot rollers will leave burn marks and melt the synthetic fibers. Sniff, sniff... Do you smell that?

It's crazy, but with synthetic hair you even have to be very careful whenever you're cooking on the stove and oven, if your synthetic extensions are exposed to too much heat, get ready for some melting/burning action. This melting can easily mesh with your own real hair and jack your hair and scalp ALL UP.

There are a few kinds of synthetic hair fibers (e.i.,Thermofiber, Monofiber) that can withstand heat to a certain degree. But still not much.

You Can't Do Anything To It

Forget you style dreams, no coloring, perm, straightening, naaaadaaaa. You can't dye synthetic hair, the chemicals will pretty much melt that bad boy, so color matching is important if you're gonna buy that mess.

Oh and don't slip up and sleep in it, it can even get matted from washing it.

The Ugly Facts About Synthetic Weave Hair...
  • It's man-made, often made from different types of plastic.
  • The plastic gives it an obviously different shine and texture from real hair.
  • Unlike human hair extensions, the more synthetic hair is washed the less  maintained it looks.
  • Synthetic lasts a month to 3 months max, or 5 minutes if you put any heat to it.
  • It gets matted too easily.
  • Synthetic weave does not feel as soft – especially after washing it.
  • It doesn't allow your scalp or your natural hair to breathe properly.
  • It makes your scalp hotter than normal which may cause it to sweat. That brings on fungus, bacteria and itching.
  • Synthetic weave hair fibers are quite rough on your natural hair, and in time this abrasiveness can lead to brittle hair, hair breakage and shedding.

[ See this NHP article about flat irons for natural hair silk press styles ]

If You Still Want After All This.... Atleast Know How To Care For It.

This lively sista name Akiyia drops some knowledge on how she takes care of her synthetic weave and she doesn't agree that synthetic weave is bad, she likes it so check out her vid below...

Don't Get Tricked Into Buying Fake Synthetic Hair

Look out for brands that claim to be 100% human hair but are really mixed with

synthetic fibers. Some hair is a mixture of synthetic and Remy and some is just plain fake.

If you see these code words than it's not real hair:

  • Human hair-like
  • Remy touch
  • Remy feel

Some companies try make it seem as if their hair is quality hair, so be careful!

I always suggest sticking to trusted online hairstores that are known for hair-quality hair.