Laser Hair Removal at Home - Tria Hair Removal Reviews

Laser hair removal at home is very popular now because of the convenience and privacy it gives you. We will highlight Tria hair removal reviews from real buyers in this article so that you can get an idea of whether this at home hair removal product is what you need or not.

It helps to see real reviews so that you can find out if silky smooth, hair-free skin is truly possible after treating every two weeks for three months. It seems that the Tria Beauty company is very confident that they can deliver those exact results, but this Tria hair removal laser 4X review will actually detail how the machine works, what it can and can't do, and what actual users have to say about the system.

What Is Tria Hair Removal?

Deemed as a leader in professional light-based skin care solutions for use at home, this hair removal system uses n FDA-cleared laser device that apparently has three times more hair eliminating energy than any other hair removal device designed for home use. It is supposedly safe and effective providing your permanent results of a professional treatment. The device can be used for removing hair from underarms, arms, stomach, bikini line, legs, back, and on the cheek line.

Key Features

Its latest model, the Tria Laser 4x features the same technology preferred by dermatologists, the Advanced Diode Laser technology.

  • LED Display. Its unique interactive LED display helps you through each treatment safely and effectively. It shows the skin detector, battery detector, pulse counter to ensure coverage accuracy, and safety feature.
  • Speed and power. It is designed to be twice as fast so you can get that smooth, hair-free skin easily in no time.
  • Longer battery life. With longer battery life, it is ideal for covering multiple areas of the body during each treatment.
tria hair removal laser reviews

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How Does The Tria Hair Removal Laser Work?

The system works by eliminating the root of the problem that after only three months of treatment you will get seriously soft, silky, hair-free skin. Using its professional-strength diode laser technology, the Tria laser device targets the pigment in the hair follicle. Once hair follicle is disabled, hair begins to fall out. Clinical studies have shown that after first month of treatment, 70% hair reduction occurs three weeks after the second treatment. After two to three months, hair regrowth will become finer and lighter and after three months, hair follicles that have been disabled will no longer grow hair leaving behind only smooth, touchably soft skin.


  • FDA cleared. Obtaining FDA clearance is an indication that the product is deemed safe and effective for accomplishing its purpose.
  • Convenience. Laser treatments performed in salons are not accomplished in one sitting. You will have to undergo several sessions until treatment is completed but with this device, you can easily remove unwanted hair at the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Ease of use. The device is ergonomically designed and engineered for your ease of use. It is slim, sleek, and easy to hold through each laser treatment.
  • Cost. Although it is relatively expensive compared to many hair removal methods, it is a lot cheaper compared to salon treatments with equal results.


  • Doesn't work on everybody. It is designed for specific skin tones and hair colors, some report that blondes will not get results from this laser treatment.
  • Side effects. For a short time it may cause a slight pigment change. It can also cause temporary redness, swelling, bruising, or pain.
  • Requires shaving. Prior to your at home laser treatment, it's necessary to shave the area that you're going to be removing hair from in order to allow the laser energy to be more effective since the laser works on the hair inside the follicle under the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, waxing and plucking are not advisable options.

Does The Tria Laser Really Work?

tria hair removal laser 4x review

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Reviews across the internet prove that a lot of Tria buyer are very happy with the performance of this laser hair removal system. Many users reported that only after a couple of weeks, they noticed very good results.

Although it does not instantly provide permanent results, it does deliver on its promise and is a great alternative to professional salon treatments. One of the downsides from the Tria at home laser hair removal reviews is the reports that the laser treatment can give the user a bit of pain depending on the person’s sensitivity and level the laser is set at, many say that they expected it though and that the result is well worth the temporary pain.

The Best Place To Buy Tria Hair Removers

We've found that Amazon has consistently competitive prices and of course you get a trusted brand to shop with and many free shipping offers. Because Tria Beauty is confident that you are going to love the results, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty. If you're not happy with the results, you will get a full and fast refund.


Real At Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews

- Tria Hair Removal Reviews: "Life Changer"

By Cara Reynolds on January 3, 2015

Color: Fuchsia Verified Purchase

I'm really happy about this product. I used it now for 6 weeks on a weekly basis on my face and I would say that there is only about 20-30% of hair left. I will continue to use it and hope that everything will be gone soon. I really struggled with my facial hair for a long time. Professional laser treatments cost a fortune in my country so at first I bought a IPL device. That was really a waste of time and money. I used it for 11 month and I saw no results whatsoever. I lost not one hair! But the Tria really made a change.

Initially, when I read the reviews here I was a bit worried. Now after I tried it myself I really think that many people who bought the product, just don't have the right skin/hair colour combination or are simply not capable of using the device properly. I personally don't think the device is difficult to use. Also the registration that you have to do first is very straightforeward. One person for example wrote that it's not possible to use the device on the chin. This is just not true, and I really have no clue what the women did wrong as I use the Tria mainly on my chin area.

Regarding the pain, I use the Tria on the highest setting. Even though it's painful, it's really bearable. I don't need a cooling or numbing cream. And it's definitly less painful than epilation.

Since I use the Tria only on my face, the small treatment area and battery life are no problem for me. I can imagine that treating the legs would take forever. For 300+ more reviews click here...

Tria Laser Hair Removal Review Title: "It does work!!!!"

on March 24, 2015
Color: Fuchsia
It does work! Anyone who writes a bad review must not be using it properly! I had thick stomach hair that was obviously embarrassing & it is completely gone & what does grow in is so thin & light. I'm amazed & I never believed anything would work for me! I have now started my bikini area with just 2 treatments & already see results! I love it & it has changed my life! I gave it 4 stars because even though some areas don't grow back, others do, but again it grows in VERY thin so I can't complain. Also. It does hurt! But start with a lower setting that you can tolerate & try to increase every or every other treatment as the hair thins. It hurts more when the hair is at it's thickest! 😉 For 300+ more reviews click here...


Tria Laser Hair Removal Review Title: "Exceeds expectations"

on September 24, 2013
Color: Green - Verified Purchase

Despite the number of positive reviews, I was still reluctant to purchase this. For most of my adult life I have struggled in dealing with some unsightly, dark facial hair - especially on my chin and along the sides of my face. I have waxed, tweezed and used chemical depilatories, and have always been frustrated by the never ending cycle of having to deal with the embarrassing regrowth - on a daily basis. From years of tweezing - and breaking the skin to get at emerging and ingrown hair - my skin was irritated and showed signs of discoloration/scarring from my constant manipulation, application of concealers, etc.

I finally decided that Tria was a last-ditch hope... and now I wondered why I ever waited to try it. I am on my fourth cycle of treatment, and the results are far beyond my expectations. Even though I am not finished, my skin finally feels normal and feminine and smooth. The discoloration from my tweezing "scars" has virtually all vanished. I wake up in the morning, and am not obsessed with finding my mirror and tweezers.

I think the key to success with using Tria is a combination of consistency and being resigned to a level of discomfort - not unlike an insect sting. I won't lie - it hurts a bit. I typically use at the highest settings (4-5), and take my time - moving very slowly across the skin and changing locations when I need a bit of relief.

Initially, I found it difficult to resort to shaving rather than tweezing, although I realized it was necessary in order have the Tria target the follicle. But after the first week, I noticed how the tiny bits of hair (stubble) in the treated area would fall out - often along with the transparent follicle shaft. And after a few weeks, the results have been nothing short of amazing. My skin feels soft, smooth, and there is a minimal amount of new growth/regrowth. I don't have to shave new growth as often, and there are no bumps or stubble. It is truly vanishing.

I will continue to use my Tria on a weekly or bi-weekly basis until I feel I no longer need to. I am so happy to be able to retire my tweezers, and I feel so much more beautiful and confident. For those with the appropriate skin tone and hair color, and a level of patience and perseverance, I highly recommend purchasing this. For 300+ more reviews click here...

Bad Tria Laser Reviews

Review Title: "Well, I just dropped and it broke."
on May 24, 2014
Color: Fuchsia
No, I am not complaining about that. But I have been FAITHFULLY using this as directed for three years now and yes, I have seen some results, but man o man, this is TIME CONSUMING. Head is way too small for legs and I see Tria has come out with a SMALLER headed one. HUH? Go bigger! Legs take several go-rounds with the battery and I don't even do some areas. Armpits have seen some improvement, but I think it would take around five years to actually be hairless there, and I am betting the battery would die before that. And the price has actually gone up since I bought one. (I was expecting it to go down like other products do over time). It's made in China for probably about $20. For 300+ more reviews click here...

Review Title: "Not for redheads or blondes."

on July 18, 2014
Color: Fuchsia Verified Purchase
After receiving Tria and trying to activate it. Found info that said redheads and blondes can not use it as their hair is not dark enough. Do not remember any wording of this nature on ordering info. Tried to contact to talk about this no return email or call from the company. Sent it back as without activation it will not work. For 300+ more reviews click here...


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