What Are The Best Hair Extensions?
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In this special edition of professional hair dryer reviews we will focus on one of the stars among high-end stylists and beauticians.

You wanna know what are the best hair extensions on the market? Are you searching for the brands that last the longest and look the most luxurious?

best hair extensions

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Good, because that's exactly what I know and will tell you about. It's important to know before you buy, because a bad weave can spoil your whole look and waste your money at the same time.

It All Starts With Remy Hair

Remy hair is true Indian hair and you have two types. Remy and Virgin Remy. With Virgin Remy being the best.

The advantages of Indian Remy hair

  • It's real human hair, synthetic weave can be made of almost any ol' thing.
  • You don't bother with a tangled mess because the hair cuticles are kept intact.
  • It looks totally natural, because it is!
  • Each strand of Remy is carefully aligned in the same direction from root to cuticle.
  •  You don't worry about shedding or tangling with Remy.
  •  If you take care of it, you can get 6-12 months of wear.

In my list below I will tell you alot about Virgin Remy hair, because you are looking for the best-of-the-best. Right? It's called "virgin" because it's never been touched by any kind of chemicals.

You can find great deals with Free Shipping from Amazon for a limited time, but you can shop there after you learn a bit more. Right now, it's time to learn missy! (I love saying "missy"). Also, if you have problems putting your hair in, blackhairmedia has a great article on intalling clip-ins. OK, let's get to our list of the best hair weaves to purchase.

5 Big-Time Luxurious Brands of Weave Extensions

 1. Hollywood Virgin Remy

Somewhat new to the market, this hand-picked 100% human hair weave is quickly getting the attention it deserves, Hollywood Virgin hair has live cuticles in the hair shafts and that is great for keeping the hair soft and manageable. They have nearly every color and length you could ever want. The only thing I say bad about them is that they only have 3 types of hair: yaki, silky straight and body wave.

best hair extensions for black women

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Find other features of Hollywood Virgin Remy below...

  • Very long-lasting.
  • Stays shiny & usable even after constant washings and straightenings.
  • Even-length Strands.
  • Resuable.
  • Very affordable for the high level of quality.
  • In the price range of $55-$160.

2. Bare N Natural Indian Virgin Remy

Indian Bare & Natural by the Sensationnel brand is known for its pure luxury. Coming to you in gorgeous boxes that look like they have gold bricks in them, what's inside is even better.

the best hair extensions

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They carry 5 distinct textures of hair- natural body, loose deep, loose body, Yaki straight, and Yaki natural. Find other features of Bare N Natural Indian Virgin Remy below...

  • Very resilient against heat and water.
  • Noticeably luxurious, soft and healthy.
  • Has great elasticity to avoid tangling.
  • Strong and Durable.

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 3. Extensions Plus

Extensions Plus is a truly lustrous, smooth and bouncy weave line that is worn by many of Hollywood's beauties, like Lauren London and Kim Kardashion. It's made of premium 100% real human hair, you can really have great layered style to your hair that looks completely natural. That's because they have a huge collection of ready-to-wear textures in so many different lengths. They are the Bomb.

Beautiful hair extensions

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Find other features of Extensions Plus below...

  • Great anti-shedding weave
  • Holds up very well versus bleaching and dying
  • With good care it will easily last you 6 months to a year.
  • Great anti-shedding weave.
  • Holds up very well versus bleaching and dying.
  • In the price range of $160 -$440.

 4. Bobbi Boss Indi Remi

They take pride in taking the nutrient-infused healthy hair with mono-directional cuticles to produce these top-notch extensions. They have minimal exposure to chemicals to make sure your hair last a super long time.

Real hair extensions

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Indiremi boast an extremely flexible weft that helps you have control over your look. Find other features of Bobbi Boss Indi Remi below...

  • It has a brilliant luster and bounce.
  • Very soft and workable.
  • Endures washes very well.
  • It's in the price range of $60-$170.

5. Bohyme Platinum Collection

Bohyme was the original company to bring you remy hair and they are still killin' the game! They have a tremendous selection for ladies with wavy, curly and kinky hair. I know that's hard to find sometimes.

best hair extensions

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It's a great choice for you if you're making the transition to natural hair(y'all know I think natural hair rocks!) and want something that will blend well with your hair. Find other features of Bohyme Platinum Collection below...

  • Stands up well to washing.
  • Great for blending with heavily textured hair.
  • Looks very natural.
  • Soft and durable.

Best Site To Buy Hair Extensions Online

With so many online hair stores you probably get a little frustrated trying to find the best site. Buying from the wrong company can mean you get left holding the bag, a bag of garbage hair weave...

Here's how you do it right. RESEARCH THEM after you are told about them, check if they have good reviews from REAL customers (search their name on Youtube, hint, hint.) That's why I recommend that you buy from AbHair.

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