The Mens Room

Alright, alright, alriiiiight! Welcome to The Men's Room section of my website, here you will find the entrance into two different and distinct series of articles on this site.

It has a Mens Only Section at the bottom of this page with articles that are only meant for you guys who read me.

But of course, ladies first... the first section is for the women. The Ladies Section has the "Explaining How and What Men Think Of...." series of articles.

That grouping of Ladies Section articles will be explaining what men really like and don't like but are sometimes afraid to say outside of the barbershop. I will give all you beautiful sistas an insider view of what your man or men friends think about the way you look FOR REAL.

Of course I can't speak for every single black man, but because I have hundreds of real-life in-person straight black male friends, social associates and business associates, I have a real good grasp on what the general feelings are on various hairstyles and looks just from good ol' barbershop talk.

For example, did you know that most black men are crazy about natural hairstyles for black women?

It's true. I and many other black men think it's the ultimate show of true confidence in your pure beauty and nothing is sexier than your confidence matched with looking and smelling good!


So welcome to Ladies Section where, besides getting a chance to shop for the most popular hair productsI explain men's inner-thoughts on your hair, you are sure to learn something you didn't know from this series of articles below!

Explaining How and What Men Think Of....

1. Are Men Attracted To Natural Hairstyles For Black Women?


Below, I will keep adding all of the articles that are made for my dudes, I will explain to you how to talk to your lady about certain things regarding her hair and looks without getting you in trouble....(hopefully)

I will also do some tutorials explaining certain things about women's hairstyles that you may not understand. So let's get started!

1. 5 Reasons Why Men Should Like Short Hairstyles For Black Women: the very first article in this series, it talks about the FEW real reasons we actually have for supporting women who cut their hair!


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